Thursday, August 27, 2009

he said -.- I said :D

Hi! I know this will be a very long blog. LOL. yea.. after a very long time never post any blog. I don't know why that I even care to share my chat with Jesper, 16 yo swedish. One point, teens nowadays are just so stubborn, they think they are better than the adults. LOL, that doesn't mean that I'm an adult now. I can just say, hahahaha.
Esp with Jesper who seems never enjoy his life and always asks but never tries to solve problems he got. Well, perhaps you have the answers he needs, just post a comment here.
I'm glad that I ever tried to answer his questions though he's not satisfied at all, it's similar but exactly not the same. ROFL. aaaaah... Jesper, you f*ck up your own life and you never realize it. I bet you'll commit suicide at the end.

Anyway, Ramadan Kareem readers!! ^^

[9:05:31 PM] Fit: yay! new pic!
[9:05:33 PM] Fit: :D
[9:07:54 PM] Jesper: lol
[9:07:55 PM] Jesper: hello
[9:09:50 PM] Fit: hej!
[9:10:06 PM] Jesper: 0_o
[9:10:32 PM] Fit: hur mår du?
[9:10:44 PM] Jesper: crappy
[9:10:46 PM] Jesper: you?
[9:10:51 PM] Fit: (rofl)
[9:10:57 PM] Fit: feel so good
[9:11:13 PM] Fit: I'm so proud of today's perfect disguise
[9:11:36 PM] Fit: today is my sister's graduation ceremony.
[9:11:55 PM] Fit: she's almost a doctor now.
[9:12:19 PM] Jesper: oh
[9:12:32 PM] Jesper: disguise...?
[9:12:34 PM] Fit: yea
[9:12:44 PM] Fit: I pretend to be a first year student
[9:13:04 PM] Fit: so that they allowed me to do choir for graduation
[9:13:06 PM] Fit: hahaha
[9:13:15 PM] Jesper: lol
[9:14:07 PM] Fit: this is last year graduation
[9:14:17 PM] Fit: I was there, but too small to be seen
[9:14:18 PM] Fit: :D
[9:15:11 PM] Fit: a choir with more than 4000 members
[9:15:24 PM] Jesper: heavy >.>
[9:16:14 PM] Fit: I believe that's the biggest college choir ever!
[9:16:28 PM] Fit: (rofl)
[9:16:35 PM] Jesper: probably not
[9:16:54 PM] Fit: I don't know the competitor.
[9:17:37 PM] Jesper: north korea?
[9:17:51 PM] Fit: they do it every year?
[9:18:12 PM] Jesper: ...
[9:18:14 PM] Jesper: wait
[9:18:17 PM] Fit: well, we do it twice a year
[9:19:54 PM] Jesper: if they can do that crap then they can prolly put together a choir with more than 4k members yh...
[9:20:07 PM] Fit: aaah
[9:20:44 PM] Fit: well, I think it's millitary parade
[9:20:54 PM] Jesper: yh it is
[9:20:54 PM] Fit: I said the biggest college choir ever!
[9:20:56 PM] Fit: :D
[9:21:03 PM] Jesper: but they do more stuff as well, and that was just an example
[9:21:18 PM] Jesper: -_-
[9:21:28 PM] Fit: 8-)
[9:21:51 PM] Fit: go find the bigger college choir if you can..
[9:23:14 PM] Fit: I challenge you! ;)
[9:23:56 PM] Jesper: my question though -.-
[9:24:10 PM] Fit: :^)
[9:24:11 PM] Jesper: is every1 srsly in that fucking choir or is it just some forced crap at graduation?
[9:24:32 PM] Fit: yea of course
[9:24:44 PM] Fit: why do I have to tell a lie to you anyway?
[9:24:44 PM] Jesper: lol
[9:24:55 PM] Jesper: so you are telling me
[9:24:57 PM] Jesper: that 4k people do that on their free time?
[9:25:02 PM] Jesper: often?
[9:25:19 PM] Fit: well, they are all first year student.
[9:25:38 PM] Jesper: and not forced -.-?
[9:25:41 PM] Fit: it's my college tradition that all new students do choir for graduation.
[9:25:45 PM] Fit: nah.
[9:25:52 PM] Jesper: exactly
[9:25:57 PM] Jesper: but it's just a 1 time thing
[9:26:02 PM] Fit: it's a proud to be UI's student.
[9:26:10 PM] Jesper: all schools here does that (more or less)
[9:26:23 PM] Jesper: not that we have that many students anyway, no
[9:26:35 PM] Fit: well, seriously they do the choir also next saturday
[9:26:44 PM] Jesper: just assuming that there should be somewhere (china,japan,something)
[9:26:47 PM] Fit: for postgraduate graduation.
[9:27:01 PM] Jesper: u know
[9:27:06 PM] Jesper: it's sort of like saying
[9:27:16 PM] Fit: but unfortunately, those countries never do that.
[9:27:31 PM] Jesper: "everyone plays football at this specific day" but they don't usually play football >.>
[9:27:35 PM] Jesper: same thing
[9:27:54 PM] Fit: ??
[9:27:58 PM] Jesper: and if they're not srsly trained then I don't consider them a choir, because
[9:28:02 PM] Jesper: I am a bitch.
[9:28:16 PM] Fit: honestly, i don't really understand about that football players
[9:28:28 PM] Jesper: well i mean
[9:28:31 PM] Fit: yea.. we're trained for about two weeks
[9:28:37 PM] Fit: but everyday in two weeks
[9:28:40 PM] Jesper: that's my point
[9:29:08 PM] Jesper: there's tons of schools that does that
[9:29:26 PM] Jesper: and I'm just assuming that there is at least one that is bigger than yours -.-
[9:29:26 PM] Fit: with 4000 choir members?
[9:29:45 PM] Fit: ok, I understand.
[9:29:54 PM] Jesper: yup...
[9:29:54 PM Edited 9:30:07 PM] Fit: but I still cant find the bigger one.
[9:29:58 PM] Fit: that's my point.
[9:30:04 PM] Jesper: that's because
[9:30:08 PM] Jesper: nobody cares?
[9:30:14 PM] Jesper: and if it would be in China or Japan
[9:30:15 PM] Fit: haha
[9:30:23 PM] Jesper: it wouldn't be in english (or whatever language u r trying) , correct?
[9:30:33 PM] Jesper: just a local thing...
[9:30:35 PM] Fit: yea.. that's why I challege you to find the bigger one
[9:30:43 PM] Fit: well, if you are willing to do that
[9:31:00 PM] Jesper: ask me in 10 years when i speak fluid japanese and/or chinese
[9:31:01 PM] Fit: if u just dont care, no problem with me
[9:31:08 PM] Fit: aaaaaah
[9:31:25 PM] Jesper: I'm saying that
[9:31:36 PM] Jesper: it is hard to find any info on big college choirs on google or smthn
[9:31:45 PM] Fit:
[9:31:46 PM] Jesper: because I don't think a lot people care
[9:31:48 PM] Jesper: if they did care
[9:31:52 PM] Fit: even google don't know it
[9:31:57 PM] Jesper: I could find it easily
[9:32:02 PM] Jesper: read what i said...
[9:32:22 PM] Jesper: It's because nobody cares, if nobody visits the site, then it will be faaaaarrrr back on google
[9:32:43 PM] Fit: why do u think my country couldn't have the biggest choir college?
[9:32:57 PM] Fit: we have 240 millions people here
[9:33:25 PM] Jesper: and there r no bigger schools with bigger "choirs" -.-?
[9:33:32 PM] Fit: LOL
[9:35:41 PM] Fit: even if I said my country has the most islands in the world.
[9:35:51 PM] Fit: I think u wouldn't believe that.
[9:36:17 PM] Fit: and then said, Japan or Chine should have more islands.
[9:36:49 PM] Jesper: err
[9:36:53 PM] Jesper: lol
[9:36:59 PM] Fit: but the truth is indonesia has 17000 islands
[9:37:09 PM] Fit: I don't care if nobody cares.
[9:37:21 PM] Jesper: ur point being?
[9:37:42 PM] Fit: I think u got my point
[9:37:48 PM] Jesper: I'm not saying it's not possible that UR COUNTRY has the biggest one
[9:37:48 PM] Fit: u're a clever boy.
[9:38:01 PM] Jesper: but I don't think it's u specifically
[9:38:15 PM] Fit: :D
[9:38:15 PM] Jesper: plus it's not a real choir anyway -.-
[9:38:26 PM] Fit: whatever :P
[9:38:32 PM] Jesper: then u can just round up a bunch of ppl and fucking sing n call it a choir
[9:38:35 PM] Jesper: which u do
[9:38:40 PM] Jesper: and then it is not the biggest one
[9:38:41 PM] Fit: we're trained.
[9:38:47 PM] Jesper: for 2 weeks
[9:38:55 PM] Jesper: like all other schools...
[9:38:57 PM] Fit: do u that millitary choir is a real choir?
[9:39:01 PM] Fit: :D
[9:39:34 PM] Fit: I don't believe that they are trained regurally every week.
[9:40:07 PM] Fit: millitary has other more things to do than just get trained for choir
[9:40:27 PM] Jesper: why do u bring up military...?
[9:40:29 PM] Fit: it also happens with the new college students.
[9:40:41 PM Edited 9:40:48 PM] Fit: coz u sent me the link
[9:41:56 PM] Jesper: that's not military
[9:42:16 PM] Jesper: it's the kids that attend the "mass games"
[9:42:26 PM] Fit: it says millitary parade
[9:42:37 PM] Jesper: let me find another example then...
[9:42:46 PM] Fit: and what I see they were wearing millitary clothes.
[9:43:04 PM] Fit: oki
[9:43:12 PM] Jesper: and no
[9:43:18 PM] Jesper: that is not military
[9:43:24 PM] Jesper: north korea is just like that...
[9:43:30 PM] Jesper: lol
[9:43:34 PM] Fit: haha
[9:43:40 PM] Fit: I just read the title
[9:43:41 PM] Jesper: it's propaganda
[9:43:47 PM] Jesper: that's why they're dressed like that
[9:44:07 PM Edited 9:44:30 PM] Jesper: plus I was referring specifically to the 15000 ppl in the background
[9:44:23 PM] Fit: but I do believe north korea has so many millatary
[9:44:33 PM] Jesper: sure
[9:44:40 PM] Jesper: moment
[9:46:13 PM] Jesper:
[9:46:24 PM] Jesper: 1:00
[9:46:26 PM] Jesper: kids
[9:46:38 PM] Jesper: they're all kids
[9:46:50 PM] Fit: nic
[9:46:51 PM] Fit: e
[9:46:59 PM] Jesper: -.-
[9:47:00 PM] Jesper: no
[9:47:17 PM Edited 9:47:25 PM] Jesper: they work several hours a day to show off some shit that nobody even watches
[9:47:25 PM] Fit: haha
[9:47:35 PM] Jesper: srsly...
[9:48:01 PM] Jesper: u know
[9:48:08 PM] Jesper: it's like i would
[9:48:27 PM] Jesper: dress up 50 ppl in bear costumes and make them all sing
[9:48:42 PM] Jesper: "i have the largest dressed-like-a-bear choir"
[9:48:45 PM] Fit: well. for me it's like u always think everyone else does is just a shit.
[9:48:47 PM] Fit: :D
[9:49:05 PM] Jesper: (rain)
[9:49:18 PM] Jesper: of course I do
[9:49:24 PM] Fit: haha
[9:49:26 PM] Jesper: humans suck
[9:49:28 PM] Fit: I knew!
[9:50:23 PM] Fit: there are always bright sides of humans that you just havent realized yet.
[9:50:40 PM] Jesper: that is very fucking retarded
[9:50:44 PM] Fit: God never makes this world just for a full of shit.
[9:50:45 PM] Jesper: we can be nice to each other
[9:50:55 PM] Jesper: but the main point is that we fuck up everything we come in contact with
[9:51:19 PM] Jesper: when people say "there are good people too" they mean kind, nice people
[9:51:29 PM] Fit: I dont think so.
[9:51:29 PM] Jesper: but that doesn't change the fact that they also fuck up the world
[9:51:43 PM] Jesper: well we have
[9:51:53 PM] Fit: well, as an ex-teen I really do understand with what you feel now.
[9:51:55 PM] Jesper: you can't just say "whoa I don't think so 0.o"
[9:51:56 PM] Fit: :D
[9:52:06 PM] Jesper: stupid
[9:52:27 PM] Jesper: I mean that people thinks that everything evolves around us
[9:52:34 PM] Jesper: humans as a species is not important
[9:52:35 PM] Fit: it's just about the different perspetives.
[9:52:45 PM] Jesper: no...
[9:52:56 PM] Fit: when u think everything's a shit that what you'll get, a shit.
[9:53:01 PM] Jesper: we have done nothing to improve anything
[9:53:11 PM] Jesper: again
[9:53:16 PM] Jesper: everyone says this
[9:53:22 PM] Fit: what?
[9:53:26 PM] Jesper: "be positive bitch"
[9:53:28 PM] Jesper: but
[9:53:30 PM] Fit: haha
[9:53:40 PM] Jesper: I'm saying that we have ruined everything
[9:53:46 PM] Jesper: understand -.-?
[9:53:48 PM] Jesper: and that is fact
[9:53:49 PM] Fit: nah
[9:53:51 PM] Jesper: so
[9:53:54 PM] Fit: ruined what?
[9:54:02 PM] Jesper: killed millions of species, that's 1 thing
[9:54:03 PM] Fit: nothing's ruined for me.
[9:54:13 PM] Jesper: exactly...
[9:54:21 PM] Jesper: always "me,us,humans"
[9:54:24 PM] Fit: so, u judge all humans for that?
[9:54:42 PM] Jesper: well
[9:54:42 PM] Jesper: let me put it like this
[9:54:46 PM] Jesper: if u don't live out in the woods
[9:54:52 PM] Fit: there are millions good humans out there.
[9:55:01 PM] Jesper: u r fucking things up.
[9:55:15 PM] Jesper: u're not listening
[9:55:19 PM] Fit: ??
[9:55:34 PM] Jesper: I am saying that there is "good" people
[9:55:35 PM] Jesper: but
[9:55:39 PM] Jesper: they still fuck things up
[9:55:46 PM] Fit: if I'm not listening to you, I would just go away or block you.
[9:56:03 PM] Fit: u fuck things up?
[9:56:07 PM] Jesper: then read more carefully -.-
[9:56:17 PM] Fit: oki -,-
[9:56:34 PM] Fit: I just say what I think is right.
[9:56:35 PM] Jesper: when u say good/nice you mean as a person
[9:56:36 PM] Fit: just like you
[9:56:50 PM] Jesper: that is not what I am talking about
[9:57:42 PM] Fit: mmm.. good/nice as servants of God
[9:57:45 PM] Fit: LOL
[9:57:47 PM] Jesper: tell me this instead
[9:57:51 PM] Jesper: what is the purpose of humans as a race?
[9:58:13 PM] Fit: that's why they always try to be a good/nice human for other humans
[9:58:26 PM] Jesper: answer...
[9:58:29 PM] Fit: wait a minute
[9:58:54 PM] Fit: to get to know each other better
[9:59:15 PM] Fit: I mean if humans only come from one race.
[9:59:31 PM] Fit: it'd be just so plain
[9:59:36 PM] Fit: I mean...
[9:59:42 PM] Jesper: RACE
[9:59:47 PM] Jesper: humans
[9:59:47 PM] Jesper: as
[9:59:48 PM] Jesper: a
[9:59:49 PM] Jesper: species
[9:59:59 PM] Jesper: humans,cats,dogs
[10:00:02 PM] Jesper: understand?
[10:00:04 PM] Fit: oki.
[10:00:12 PM] Fit: haha, missunderstood.
[10:00:17 PM] Jesper: what is the purpose of humans and what have we done for this world that is a positive thing?
[10:01:19 PM] Fit: I think the purpose of human as a race is as Caliphs for this world.
[10:01:33 PM] Fit: who take care of all the other species.
[10:01:40 PM] Jesper: -.-
[10:01:53 PM] Fit: really, humans are special race
[10:01:53 PM] Jesper: but that is a stupid thing to say when we have killed around half of them
[10:01:59 PM] Fit: that God makes.
[10:02:03 PM] Jesper: u religious or something?
[10:02:11 PM] Fit: haha
[10:02:18 PM] Fit: what do u think?
[10:02:31 PM] Jesper: yh
[10:02:45 PM] Fit: well,,
[10:02:59 PM] Jesper: I'm not gonna have a conversation with someone who is always gonna come up with the same answers someone else has told them before
[10:03:11 PM] Fit: I think that all races except humans will just go to heaven after this earth's life.
[10:03:46 PM] Jesper: did I ask that?
[10:04:36 PM] Fit: hey, look urself. u are the one who always says that humans fuck up everthing and u never accept or at least respect on my oppinions.
[10:04:49 PM] Jesper: ...
[10:04:53 PM] Jesper: but u misunderstood me
[10:05:01 PM] Jesper: u said so urself
[10:05:16 PM] Jesper: It is sort of like...
[10:05:29 PM] Fit: so.. what u want from my answers then?
[10:05:37 PM] Jesper: if i say "blue is the prettiest color" and u would reply by saying "no! icecream is better!"
[10:05:46 PM] Jesper: it makes no sense...
[10:05:51 PM] Jesper: that is what you are doing
[10:05:56 PM] Fit: really?
[10:06:02 PM] Jesper: yh really
[10:06:03 PM] Fit: give me a real example
[10:06:33 PM] Jesper: what is the purpose of humans and what have we done for this world that is a positive thing?
[10:06:37 PM] Jesper: answered it?
[10:06:40 PM] Jesper: No.
[10:06:40 PM] Fit: of what I answered you and it didn't have related
[10:06:50 PM] Fit: ok.
[10:06:57 PM] Jesper: I think that all races except humans will just go to heaven after this earth's life.
[10:06:59 PM] Jesper: there's one
[10:07:34 PM] Fit: ok. so, will you give me a chance why I said those words?
[10:07:46 PM] Jesper: no
[10:07:51 PM] Jesper: It's not relevant
[10:07:58 PM] Fit: what relevant
[10:07:59 PM] Fit: ?
[10:08:07 PM] Jesper: try to answer the question instead
[10:08:20 PM] Fit: you asked me about humans as race?
[10:08:24 PM] Jesper: name one positive thing that humans have done (which was not for ourselves)
[10:08:29 PM] Fit: different from the other species
[10:08:44 PM] Fit: it's all because humans have thoughts
[10:08:56 PM] Fit: they can think, not like other races.
[10:09:00 PM] Fit: that's why
[10:09:06 PM] Fit: some humas fuck up
[10:09:19 PM] Fit: but there're still others good humans
[10:09:30 PM] Jesper: u r doing it again
[10:09:31 PM] Fit: it's all their choice to be a good or a bad human.
[10:09:49 PM] Fit: I just try to explain it all to you
[10:09:56 PM] Jesper: stop
[10:09:59 PM] Jesper: hold
[10:10:14 PM] Jesper: we are not talking morals and crap
[10:10:22 PM] Jesper: we are not talking wether persons are good or not
[10:10:27 PM] Fit: so, what r we talking about?
[10:10:41 PM] Fit: okay.
[10:10:42 PM] Jesper: what humans consider good and what is good
[10:10:42 PM] Jesper: is not the same thing
[10:10:43 PM] Jesper: we are talking about
[10:10:48 PM] Jesper: us changing the world
[10:10:52 PM] Jesper: not ourselves
[10:10:54 PM] Fit: okay then.
[10:11:30 PM] Fit: u mean like we ruin this earth and make a global warming?
[10:11:44 PM] Jesper: for example
[10:11:56 PM] Fit: so, u ask me what good things that humans have done to this earth?
[10:11:58 PM] Jesper: but a better example
[10:12:04 PM] Jesper: more or less
[10:12:06 PM] Jesper: yes
[10:12:10 PM] Fit: okay.
[10:12:36 PM] Fit: will u please listen to my answers now and not complaining for a moment?
[10:12:46 PM] Fit: my oppinion is that.....
[10:13:23 PM] Fit: a lot of good things that humans have done for this world.
[10:13:30 PM] Fit: like science.
[10:13:32 PM] Jesper: like?
[10:13:36 PM] Jesper: god...
[10:13:38 PM] Jesper: u did it again
[10:13:43 PM] Jesper: that is also for ourselves
[10:13:54 PM] Jesper: do u think it matters to the earth or the animals?
[10:13:59 PM] Fit: I don't get what u mean
[10:13:59 PM] Jesper: or anything?
[10:14:12 PM] Jesper: science is for ourselves
[10:14:18 PM] Jesper: we create things for ourselves
[10:14:22 PM] Jesper: understand?
[10:14:26 PM] Fit: well, I think it's all what God provides humans for living in this earth
[10:14:38 PM] Fit: earth itself and other races.
[10:14:57 PM] Fit: so, u will never accept all my answer
[10:15:07 PM] Jesper: still not answering me lol
[10:15:16 PM] Jesper: I was just asking for a concrete answer
[10:15:24 PM] Jesper: wait a bit
[10:15:27 PM] Fit: because u think that humans are just the same species with animals and plants
[10:15:29 PM] Jesper: let me give an example ok?
[10:15:51 PM] Jesper: I plant a tree, ok? take that as an example
[10:15:58 PM] Fit: ok
[10:16:04 PM] Jesper: instead of burning one down
[10:16:23 PM] Jesper: I mean...
[10:16:29 PM] Jesper: not in small scale
[10:16:42 PM] Fit: it's okay for me if humans are burning one down as long as it's usefull
[10:16:47 PM] Jesper: when we want to stop global warming and all that
[10:16:52 PM] Fit: and we can plant another tree.
[10:16:53 PM] Jesper: It's only because of ourselves
[10:17:04 PM] Jesper: ...
[10:17:04 PM] Fit: ok.
[10:17:12 PM] Jesper: but we can't bring extinct animals back
[10:17:17 PM] Fit: now, let me ask you this...
[10:17:19 PM] Jesper: and we can't undo changes we've made
[10:17:43 PM] Fit: u know what?
[10:18:07 PM] Fit: humans even didn't make dinosaurus became extinct
[10:18:25 PM] Fit: it extincted before humans were here in this earth.
[10:18:46 PM] Fit: so, who made dinosaurus extincted?
[10:18:53 PM] Fit: it's all God's willing.
[10:18:57 PM] Jesper: please...
[10:19:01 PM] Jesper: please...
[10:19:04 PM] Jesper: please...
[10:19:04 PM] Fit: please... too
[10:19:09 PM] Jesper: I am saying
[10:19:12 PM] Fit: I still have some words to say
[10:19:23 PM] Jesper: that we have killed more than any other species both in total numbers and %
[10:19:37 PM] Jesper: and did it all on purpose
[10:19:55 PM] Fit: my point is that u cant always blame humans for animals extinct
[10:20:27 PM] Jesper: no
[10:20:42 PM] Fit: a lot of scientists do their best to make almost extrinct animals live
[10:20:44 PM] Jesper: but u r jumping around my question all the time
[10:21:01 PM] Jesper: for ourselves, because it interests us...
[10:21:02 PM] Fit: the things that u have to realize is
[10:21:18 PM] Fit: there are always a black and a white in this life
[10:21:23 PM] Fit: bad and good
[10:21:51 PM] Fit: u can't just blame and think that all humans fuck up this earth
[10:21:53 PM] Jesper: I don't wanna talk anymore
[10:22:02 PM] Jesper: u can't even answer
[10:22:19 PM] Fit: and u can't even listen and try to understand my answers.
[10:22:26 PM] Fit: bye...
[10:22:34 PM] Jesper: ...
[10:22:51 PM] Jesper: they r answers to other questions, even if they are right
[10:23:27 PM] Fit: ok, if you think I'm not good person who could answer ur questions.
[10:23:34 PM] Jesper: like u say not everything is our fault, but I didn't ask if it is
[10:23:36 PM] Jesper: lol
[10:23:38 PM] Fit: hope u find a better person to answer!
[10:23:57 PM] Fit: what I want is just share what I know and what I think.
[10:24:01 PM] Jesper: it's just tiring
[10:24:05 PM] Jesper: yh i know
[10:24:19 PM] Fit: I don't want you to keep all ur negative thoughts about this life.
[10:24:29 PM] Jesper: err
[10:24:36 PM] Fit: and if you can't accept that. it's not a problem for me.
[10:24:45 PM] Jesper: 1
[10:24:46 PM] Jesper: thing
[10:24:59 PM Edited 10:25:29 PM] Fit: really, but I'm so glad that I ever tried to explain it to you.
[10:25:07 PM] Fit: that's all.
[10:25:36 PM] Jesper: just
[10:25:45 PM] Jesper: try to drop all concepts
[10:25:52 PM] Jesper: like if we say
[10:26:05 PM] Jesper: how we think
[10:26:14 PM] Jesper: is not the only way of thinking
[10:26:23 PM] Fit: yea, I agree
[10:26:28 PM] Jesper: and humans see things in a certain way
[10:26:45 PM] Jesper: when we think
[10:27:02 PM] Jesper: we are thinking "how can this benefit me?"
[10:27:13 PM] Jesper: or us
[10:27:53 PM] Fit: if we see things in just one way, I think we don't need psychologists or I think there will be no debating on this life.
[10:28:22 PM] Fit: well, I don't always think or do somethings that always benefit me.
[10:28:33 PM] Fit: like helping others.
[10:28:46 PM] Fit: it's just a fun of living
[10:29:02 PM] Jesper: I mean
[10:29:14 PM] Fit: if u always do things that only benefits you, you will never get satisfied.
[10:29:20 PM] Fit: that's what I think.
[10:29:28 PM] Jesper: when i say
[10:29:31 PM] Jesper: me/us
[10:29:34 PM] Jesper: I mean humans
[10:29:35 PM] Jesper: u know
[10:29:42 PM] Fit: ok
[10:29:43 PM] Jesper: it's just a metaphor
[10:29:48 PM] Jesper: so
[10:30:16 PM] Jesper: even if we would do something like saving a kitten or whatever
[10:30:22 PM] Jesper: it's still...
[10:30:33 PM] Fit: still?
[10:30:43 PM] Jesper: I don't rlly know how to explain it
[10:30:52 PM] Fit: ok.
[10:31:35 PM] Jesper: 1 more try
[10:31:40 PM] Jesper: simpler this time
[10:31:43 PM] Fit: ok
[10:32:11 PM] Jesper: what have we done that has benefited this planet?
[10:32:52 PM] Fit: this is what I mean that u always think that this planet and humans are in the same level.
[10:33:13 PM] Fit: because what I think is that this planet doesn't need our benefit.
[10:33:36 PM] Jesper: well
[10:33:45 PM] Fit: this planet provides for humans and if we're humans want to live more and more time
[10:33:46 PM] Jesper: I mean the general wildlife
[10:33:54 PM] Fit: so we should keep this planet well.
[10:34:09 PM] Fit: yea, I know all trees and animals.
[10:34:25 PM] Jesper: yh better
[10:34:30 PM] Jesper: like this then
[10:34:47 PM] Jesper: what have we done for those 2 things? (trees, animals)
[10:35:15 PM] Fit: I still get the same answer.
[10:35:40 PM] Fit: trees and animals never ask humans to do something benefit for them.
[10:35:47 PM] Jesper: so...
[10:36:03 PM] Jesper: instead we burn them down or put them in cages and eat them?
[10:36:19 PM] Jesper: (and when i say that I mean on a large scale)
[10:36:24 PM] Fit: but if we give trees and animals benefit then it will give us benefits too.
[10:36:37 PM] Fit: we can live here in this planet more time.
[10:36:43 PM] Fit: get it?
[10:37:06 PM] Jesper: but what you are saying
[10:37:10 PM] Fit: so, if u do really that care about trees and animals, you can't eat then.
[10:37:14 PM] Jesper: is that we don't need to have done anything good
[10:37:20 PM] Jesper: but i was asking what we have done good
[10:37:22 PM] Jesper: again...
[10:37:37 PM] Fit: and humans in this planet not even existed if that happens
[10:37:56 PM] Fit: we've done anything good.
[10:37:59 PM] Fit: like
[10:38:00 PM] Jesper: I need to go
[10:38:03 PM] Jesper: temporarily
[10:38:19 PM] Fit: we plant trees after we cutted them down.
[10:39:38 PM] Fit: again, I say that I think that u make humans, trees, and animals in the same level.
[10:40:05 PM] Fit: because I think humans are special race.
[10:40:43 PM] Fit: that we're in this planet, we need others races like trees and animals to keep life in this planet.
[10:40:55 PM] Fit: even, if there are no humans in this planet.
[10:41:06 PM] Fit: just imagine...
[10:41:24 PM] Fit: every animals will need each other for life.
[10:41:51 PM] Fit: example tigers need deers
[10:42:05 PM] Fit: and deers need plant to eat.
[10:42:30 PM] Fit: it's a cycle of life.
[10:43:19 PM] Fit: and then it'll just keep like that all the time.. until one day God wants this life to end.
[10:43:22 PM] Fit: see?
[10:43:57 PM] Fit: well... it also happens like that, as we're humans here in this planet.
[10:44:08 PM] Jesper: humans kill more than we need
[10:44:12 PM] Jesper: and
[10:44:19 PM] Jesper: I was away
[10:44:20 PM] Fit: do u think so?
[10:44:28 PM] Fit: yea I know u were away
[10:44:30 PM] Jesper: I need to go
[10:44:35 PM] Jesper: uhm
[10:44:37 PM] Fit: but I keep try to explain to you
[10:44:37 PM] Jesper: I know so
[10:44:41 PM] Jesper: u know lifestock?
[10:44:47 PM] Fit: at least u can read after u're back.
[10:45:42 PM] Fit: lifestock? things that we need for life?
[10:45:49 PM] Jesper: no
[10:46:00 PM] Jesper: cattle
[10:46:06 PM] Jesper: pigs,cows,chicken
[10:46:10 PM] Fit: ok
[10:46:18 PM] Jesper: u know the grain they eat
[10:46:22 PM] Jesper: the stuff they eat
[10:46:29 PM] Fit: yea yea
[10:46:36 PM] Jesper: could feed around 12 billion people
[10:47:02 PM] Jesper: but instead we give it to the animals, so that only some people can eat a bit better while others starve to death
[10:47:28 PM] Fit: mmm...
[10:48:25 PM] Fit: but have u ever think that some good people do feed them who are so strave?
[10:48:49 PM] Jesper: ...
[10:48:56 PM] Fit: I mean u always think what bad and what negative so u'll never satisfied with all things.
[10:49:04 PM] Jesper: wait
[10:49:05 PM] Fit: including my answers.
[10:49:11 PM] Jesper: are you trying to tell me
[10:49:46 PM] Fit: there are a lot of bad things that have to be fixed in this life.
[10:49:48 PM] Jesper: that it is a good thing that around 1/6 or less of the world's population is super rich and eat good while the rest live in poverty,decease,starvation and death?
[10:49:57 PM] Fit: and that's humans responsibilities.
[10:50:01 PM] Jesper: just because we want better food?
[10:50:24 PM] Jesper: but u can't seriously argue with me about it
[10:50:32 PM] Jesper: I am saying that it is wrong, and it is...
[10:50:53 PM] Fit: so... if u know that poverty and starvation happen
[10:50:54 PM] Fit: then
[10:51:05 PM] Fit: what u have done to fix it?
[10:51:12 PM] Jesper: uhm
[10:51:18 PM] Jesper: i am gonna kill myself (y)
[10:51:46 PM] Fit: if that's ur choice.. I let u do that.
[10:52:28 PM] Jesper: u can give me moral reasons
[10:52:29 PM] Fit: I mean u can't just ask me or other people that why do rich people live happily and eat good meals when the others are starving.
[10:52:34 PM] Jesper: and religious reasons
[10:52:42 PM] Fit: it needs a real action.
[10:53:00 PM] Jesper: i can ask all i want
[10:53:20 PM] Fit: and if u think u're a good person, u respect all the races.. trees and animals and other people. u'd better do something..
[10:53:33 PM] Fit: well, it's also my responsibility
[10:53:39 PM] Jesper: I don't think I am a good person
[10:53:40 PM] Fit: not just u.
[10:53:56 PM] Jesper: I think every1 r bad, including myself, not as human beings or individuals
[10:54:05 PM] Jesper: not every1 is trying to do bad
[10:54:09 PM] Jesper: but more or less
[10:54:13 PM] Fit: but if u just dont want to get involved and think too much about it.. yea, just commit suicide.
[10:54:26 PM] Jesper: funny -.-
[10:54:29 PM] Fit: haha
[10:54:43 PM] Jesper: asking and caring is not the same thing
[10:55:01 PM] Jesper: I am interested, therefore I ask, I want to know, therefore I ask
[10:55:09 PM] Jesper: nothing more than that
[10:55:21 PM] Fit: I want u to understand that why I answer.
[10:55:36 PM] Jesper: have u answered 0.o?
[10:55:37 PM] Jesper: where?
[10:55:44 PM] Fit: but if u keep and don't accept my answer it's ur choice.
[10:56:08 PM] Jesper: I mean it is more like...
[10:56:17 PM] Fit: that's why I pray that someday u could find a better person to answer all ur questions.
[10:56:25 PM] Jesper: lol
[10:56:37 PM] Fit: I never say that I'm the best person who can answer that.
[10:56:39 PM] Jesper: it's so simple though
[10:56:48 PM] Jesper: think of it as a game
[10:56:49 PM] Fit: I'm glad that I've ever tried.
[10:57:04 PM] Jesper: name 1 good thing, name 1 bad thing
[10:57:29 PM] Fit: it's the process that I love not the result that u think I never answered ur questions.
[10:58:06 PM] Jesper: everything u've said -.-
[10:58:19 PM] Fit: means nothing to you?
[10:58:24 PM] Jesper: no
[10:58:30 PM] Fit: well... I will never regret it.
[10:58:46 PM] Jesper: but even if it is similar to this subject
[10:58:47 PM] Jesper: it is...
[10:58:54 PM] Jesper: not exactly the same
[10:58:59 PM] Jesper: u r drawing paralells
[10:59:01 PM] Fit: I accept it.
[10:59:03 PM] Jesper: like
[10:59:11 PM] Jesper: accept what lol?
[10:59:35 PM] Fit: accept ur oppinion about it.
[11:00:03 PM] Fit: that everything I've said is just similar to subject but not the same.
[11:00:50 PM] Fit: well, it's already 11 PM. I gotta go to bed.
[11:01:23 PM] Jesper: yh
[11:01:30 PM] Fit: one thing, keep asking people about ur questions someday hopefully you'll get the answers u want.
[11:01:47 PM] Fit: bye........
[11:01:51 PM] Jesper: lol
[11:01:52 PM] Fit: (wave)
[11:01:54 PM] Jesper: already got the answer
[11:01:56 PM] Jesper: bye
[11:02:14 PM] Fit: haha
[11:02:27 PM] Jesper: answer is - nothing
[11:02:37 PM] Jesper: plain and simple
[11:02:40 PM] Jesper: I like it
[11:02:41 PM] Fit: if u keep the answers as what you like and you will never get the real answers.
[11:02:43 PM] Fit: ever.
[11:02:49 PM] Jesper: lol
[11:03:00 PM] Fit: open your heart and brain for other's oppinions
[11:03:01 PM] Jesper: It's real because nobody gives me another answer
[11:03:08 PM] Fit: eventhought it's not what u want.
[11:03:10 PM] Jesper: and you probably don't even understand my question
[11:03:26 PM] Jesper: ur opinions have nothing to do with my question
[11:03:31 PM] Jesper: that is the weird thing
[11:03:37 PM] Fit: haha
[11:03:42 PM] Fit: it's ok.
[11:03:57 PM] Fit: as long as I've tried and I never care about the result.
[11:04:02 PM] Fit: love the process!!

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